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Monday, June 04, 2007

A Ceiling for Tax Increases?

The most common thing you hear from Democrats is to "reverse the Bush Tax Cuts." Which will probably happen since the tax cuts expire in 2010. And the Dems won't be able to just reverse all of them, they will have to do something about the child tax credits. They wouldn't want people making $60k a year paying a lot more in taxes (would they?) So now you hear about them reversing the Bush tax cuts for the rich. It turns out that reversing the tax cuts for the rich amounts to only $50 billion a years, which is a pittance when it comes to government spending. In fact, John Edwards wants to spend $1 trillion per year more on a government health care system....

Could it be that the Dems have backed themselves into a corner with this one. It will be easy for them to reverse the Bush tax cuts, they can argue that is why they were elected and no voting is required to let them expire. But to institute any meaningful government spending they will have to raise taxes beyond that. Will they be able to get the Jim Webbs of the world to vote for additional taxes?