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Monday, June 04, 2007

Backers of Immigration bill more Optimistic?

So says this Washington Post article. Apparently many of the Republican supporters (John Kyl) of the bill have seen oppostion decline over the last week. In defense of Kyl, it does say in the article that he will oppose the bill if any amendments are passed which could result in increased immigration.

It seems unbelievable. Almost all the conservatives I know are completely against this bill. Everyone on talk radio is against it. Every blog I read is against this bill. Bush is at 25% because of this bill. This issue is doing more damage to the Republican coalition than any issue in recent memory. Anyone who would be motivated to work in the next election is against this bill? How could it be that opposition is declining.

I think Newt got it right on FoxNews Sunday when he commented that even if there are good enforcement ideas in the bill or even if the bill is a practical compromise, no one believes that the government is competent enough under Bush to carry through the enforcement part of the bill. Therefore, it's better to have no bill.

In fact, would the government ever be competent enough to implement the bill? Probably not. Who among the nominees will get a boost from passage of this Bill. McCain is certainly out. No one would believe that he would enforce the law under the new bill. How about Giuliani. Would people believe that Rudy would enforce the law?

Maybe Bush should appoint Jack Welch or Leona Helmsly to implement the bill.

Blogger Sloanasaurus said...

Maybe Bush's Administrative incompetence will only help the Republican party in the end. It would be one thing if the Democrats had some decent candidates, but their leading candidates, Hillary and Obama, have no administrative or management experience either.

Someone like Rudy or Romney could base his campaign off of this to appeal to the independents in the middle. Why would independents vote for someone with no track record in managing government.

Just a thought... (why would anyone vote for McCain?)

9:01 AM, June 04, 2007  

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