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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Stuck on Stupid

Many say that the Republican party is becoming irrelevant. Much of this started in the 2006 election cycle with all of the so called "principled conservatives." You know the ones - those who said that we needed a good thumping to teach ourselves a lesson. You know the ones - those who refused to vote for Republicans and instead wasted their vote on the Constitution Party or stayed at home mired in pessimism. Now, after a good thumping, we are about to get amnesty passed for illegal aliens by the new Democratic Congress, and we got tax increase after tax increase passed by the state house and state Senate. Yeah... we are sure learning our lesson. Now these idiots are saying stuff like... "I'll never vote for a Republican again if this immigration bill passes." Whoa.... didn't they say we needed a good thumping? This immigration bill would be headed for defeat if it wasn't for our principled idiot conservatives who said we needed a good thumping. Now they complain that it might pass. What were they thinking? Instead of waking up, these principled idiots remain STUCK ON STUPID.

We just had Pawlenty, the "sell-out" none of these principled conservatives said was worth voting for, just veto a slew of tax increases. Yeah, tax increases. Remember in Minnesota, unlike the Feds, you need to raise taxes to spend money to create bigger government. But the stuck on stupids, they think..... maybe if government gets too big, then there will be a revolution and we will get the small government we want... STUPID STUPID...STUCK ON STUPID.

Thank god some Democrats voted for Pawlenty.

Blogger Harsh Pencil said...

I've seen nothing to tell me we lost the last election because of low turnout of conservatives. It was my impression that turnout was good all around.

Conservatives have never been a majority in this country. Conservatives win when they get moderates and independents to vote for them. In the last election,
they didn't (strongly) because of fiscal overspending, the Iraq war, incompetence over Katrina and corruption. The Republicans in office were just bad officeholders and they
lost the independents and moderates.

And we will continue to lose until a major screw-up by the Democrats. The people decided the last election to give the keys to the car to the Democrats. Until they are perceived to have
screwed up, the people will give them a chance to govern.

1:15 PM, May 21, 2007  
Blogger courierjpa said...

I'm inclined to agree more with the Pencil than 'Saurus on this topic. Turnout intensity for conservatives was a problem last election, but it manifested itself more in conservatives' reluctance to defend the performance of Republican officeholders to others than in their refusal to vote for them personally.

Republican leaders, especially at the national level, had just done too many stupid things while in power to deserve continued loyalty from rank-and-file voters. Pawlenty escaped only because Hatch and Dutcher started looking like an even dumber, riskier choice in the final two weeks of the campaign.

The minor-party conservative, wasted-vote theory is a figment of imagination when analyzing last year's elections; few even got on the ballot, much less got any votes.

Pencil's conclusion that the Dems will be given a chance to govern until they show they can't sounds right, but begs a few questions about how conservatives should respond. Do we let them "screw up" and enact stupid policies, in the interest of regaining power in the long term? Not unless we view poltics and government as nothing more than a game, with no real impact on our precious liberties. Also, Pawlenty has seen to it that the biggest screw-up that will be enacted this year--the draconian, nanny-state regulations against smoking--will not be identified with any one political party.

Maybe the best conservatives can hope for is that voters take their decision to "give the keys to the car to the Democrats" literally, given the propensity of high-profile Dems such as Messrs. Metzen, Mondale and Rukavina to make stupid driving decisions.

1:15 PM, May 27, 2007  
Blogger Courier A said...

I couldn't have said it better...

1:21 PM, May 27, 2007  

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