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Thursday, March 29, 2007

An Idea on the Gonzales Mess

Ponder this idea on the Gonzales mess. It is clear that the firing of the eight attorneys is all about politics with the Democrats. Bush should try this: He should accept AG Gonzales resignation. The resignation should be conditioned to when a new AG would be confirmed by the Senate. Then Bush should nominate another AG, a real hard ass, who will publicaly state that he as AG will not cooperate with the Congress on any of the BS made up political games regarding the eight attorneys. Then we will see if the Senate can confirm the new AG.

If they do, we get a much tougher AG. Good for us. If they refuse to confirm this AG, then the Democrats are in a spot for playing politics on their end... making it seem like they want the investigations to go on and on....

The worst would be if Bush nominates an "acceptable" candidate to the Democrats. That would be giving up to the Dems demands.