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Monday, March 26, 2007

We're #5!

To my telephone-poll-worshipping friends, three percent may not sound like much, but considering Ron Paul is tops on the internet world of Digg and running neck-and-neck at MySpace and the like, we'll consider that the chip-crunching, television-watching, couch-potato, telephone-answering underclass is just starting to catch up.

Oh, that twenty-eight percent that's "Not Sure?" Go ahead and throw them in Paul's column, 'cause that's how it's trending.

I'm curious about what excuse PJmedia is going to use to keep Dr. Paul off the poll now. The pantless basement-dwellers playing wannabe-MSM-when-we-grow-up will think of something, I am confident.

Reference: Zogby today, March 26.

UPDATE 3/27/07 Among women, Thompson and Paul are tied at 6% (http://bbsnews.net/article.php/20070326221150916)

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