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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Is Gore Finished?

Every politican is accused and probably guilty of hypocricy. The global warming protesters are especially guilty. Usually people over look this stuff. It's just another gotcha point, or just another argument that we forget as time goes by. However, Gore's hypocricy is especially egregious and especially on point. It is very analagous to the secret sexual escapades of a preacher known to preach morality from the pulpit.

Will Gore survive this one? If someone wants a global warming advocate to speak at their event or to represent them, will Gore still be their first choice? Will he be their second choice? Won't Gore's 12,000 square foot electricty munching monster be on the minds of everyone in the audience as he is telling them to fight for the cause to stop global warming. Will Gore's 3rd or fourth home be on the minds of those reading his books or watching his movie.

For the global warming critics, Gore's example will become the most often cited example of how ridiculous the movement is.

I think Gore is finished unless he takes pains to change his ways in a big way, such as moving into an apartment and flying commerical. I have a feeling that even Gore may not be willing to do this. In the end he will only have his new Hollywood buddies left to hang out with. They are all in the same boat together.

Blogger King Oliver said...

Sloanasaurus (who is he really) is too optimistic about the effect of Gore's environmental hypocrisy. The great success of the global warming scam has not been hindered by the facts and theoretical criticism relevant of the matter itself, so why should a minor flaw in the messenger itself--which is not a flaw at all to those who yearn to be ground under the heel of a leftist aristocracy--have any effect whatsoever? Any loss of momentum to the movement will have to come from more scientists, economists, and politicians speaking in defense of reason, as some have and more hopefully will. That will sway those who are willing to be swayed. The others will go on repeating (in the midst of blizzards) that scientists all agree that the planet is warming dangerously because of human-caused increases of CO2.

5:12 PM, March 01, 2007  
Blogger King Oliver said...

Following on the earlier comments regarding the claimed effects of global warming, a complete list is posted on number watch at http://www.numberwatch.co.uk/warmlist.htm

5:34 PM, March 01, 2007  

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