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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What Should Britain Do?

Everyone has heard by now about the 15 British Soldiers abducted by the Iranian Mullahs. It is also clear that these soldiers were not operating in Iranian waters.

Its sad, but Britain is almost powerless to do anything on their own without U.S. assistance. U.S. assistance is always in question because the Hagel-liberals in Congress are willing at any time to cut and run. Further, the British public is so anti-war that they really have no sustainable military option. (Its the 1930s all over again). Economically, they would probably not be able to agree with the other EU nations to impose sanctions on Iran. Besides, some of the other nations argue that it is Britains own fault for being in the middle east in the first place (i.e. Chuck Hagel's argument) What should Britain do?

The could take a stand. They could start attacking Iranian assets. Or Instead Britain could accept that they are now a small power, and do what small powers do best. Britain should adopt the tactics of Iran by causing all kinds of problems via sabotage or other sub rosa efforts on Iran and play the same game of denial that the leftists and terrorists have been playing so well for the last few decades.

If they do neither of the above things and wait out Iran on the Hostages, then too bad for all of us..

Blogger Harsh Pencil said...

Britain should stick to a few principles.

1) This is not about the their Marines. Acting (correctly) that they are a small part of a much bigger deal will only increase their chance of coming home safe.

2) Tell the Iranians that keeping the soldiers is an act of war in which case, fine, the sailors are prisoners of war. But that the UK and Iran are now at war.

3) Do what Gingrich said to do. Tell the Iranians that they can keep the sailors as long as they like but if they are not released in one week, then the single Iranian gasoline refinery will be destroyed and all incoming gasoline tankers will be blockaded. Within a month, Iran will be out of gasoline.

10:28 AM, March 30, 2007  

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