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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Vikings Fans Will Be Rewarded On Christmas Eve

Due to a muffed snap on a point after touchdown, the Minnesota Vikings won 28-27 over the Detroit Lions. This victory sets up a showdown on Christmas Eve between the Minnesota Vikings and Wisconsin's Green Bay Packers (I like saying it that way). Vikings fans have suffered for about 40 years without an NFL title including four Super Bowl losses (distant memories now). But, they will not suffer on Friday.

I predict the Vikings will beat the Pack and reign as NFC North Champions. I have two reasons. First, Coach Tice is an excellent motivator of players -- really a playoff coach. Second, i think the Vikings' offense is due for a huge game -- 40+ points. Does anyone else agree with me?

Blogger festivus said...

Being a long-time resident of Chicago and a current resident of Minnesota, I've got two good reasons to hope that our Vikings soundly trounce the Pack.

However, seeing that the Vikings lost to (my pathetic) Bears and probably 'should' have lost to the Lions yesterday, I don't have high hopes. True, the Vikings should get up for this game in a big way, and playing here rather than Lambeau (or is that Lambert?) will help a lot, but I don't see a 40+ point game out of them.

I'll predict and hope for a win, but that's about all.

2:54 PM, December 20, 2004  

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