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Thursday, December 16, 2004

And One More Thing!

One of the potential uses of this blog is it allows for the ability to get those late coming sharp rejoinders in. You know, those insightful points that didn't occur to you until way too late, since the debate had moved on? Well now it's not too late! The debate never ends! (Note to self: explain in a revision why this is a good thing.)

So here's mine.

A great thing about America and Wal*Mart is epitomized by the Wal*Mart greeters -- America mainstreams into the workforce its retarded and disabled. I've been to Europe many times. I can't recall ever seeing a retarded person or even a person in a wheelchair or other obvious sign of physical disability. And I have asked my European colleagues about this, and they respond that my experience rings true. The retarded and disabled in Europe are simply "tucked away" out of sight much more there than here. They are still there of course, just tucked away.

But not at Wal*Mart (or that other evil corporation, McDonald's). I don't go to Wal*Mart much, but several times I've been there I've been greeted by an adult with Down's syndrome or a quadrapeligic. I genuinely like being greeted. It makes me happier. Thus that greeter is being truly productive. And that makes me happier. A corporation or a country that finds a way to make people whom most would simply assume can't be productive into authentically productive workers deserves our applause.