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Thursday, December 09, 2004

CBS vs. Blogs

Excellent discussion at Captains Quarters regarding the MSM's war against bloggers. Captain Ed reports that CBS believes that regulation may be needed to keep blogs from misinforming the public:

Under any other circumstances, that would prompt screams of outrage at Black Rock, but now CBS wants the government to protect them from the big, bad blogosphere. 'Free speech for me but not for thee' must have become the new mission statement at Viacom.

At some point we will see the MSM start to fling nasty dirt at the bloggers. Since the bloggers generally post for free, their economic interests in the blogging world is not really at risk. Thus, I imagine that within a year or two, we will know through some source or another what porn sites various political bloggers have visited or any other relevant gossip to encourage the bloggers to "tone down their criticism." Or worse yet, the MSM may stop by various employers of amature bloggers wondering what their policy is regarding those who may blog from work (they will be just researching a story of course....)

I have a feeling that the fallout of the MSM vs. the internet is still in its infancy.