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Monday, December 13, 2004

How hard can it be?

Recently, Hillary! has attempted to move to the right of the president by being "you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants." This is a good move, because it is also good policy. Regardless of how many immigrants you want, it simply makes no economic or national security sense to leave everything unmonitored.

So are we going to kick 6 million people out? Of course not. That would clog the courts. What we need to do is get them to leave (and perhaps come back legally).

How? I have a passport. It has a number on it. Why not require that anyone who wants a job have to present either his passport, his green card or other documentation which would allow a non-US citizen to work, or some cheaper version of a passport for US citizens who don't want to travel internationally. Further, employers (and yes, even people hiring gardeners or nannies) would be required to log in to a federal website and type in the number on the passport (or equivalent document) and the name. If they match, the website says so. If not, it says they don't. For those without computers, there would be an 800 number to call for the same information. The basic idea is that verification of this sort is done by American Express every day. Why can't it be done by the American government?

Add to this $10,000 fines for hiring someone without verified documentation and jail terms for those forging documents, and the lure to coming to the US illegally is greatly reduced.

If we want foreigners to come and do certain jobs, that is an argument for legal immigration. There is no reason to continue the contempt for the law we see now.