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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Nation Shows its Typical Colors

The Nation Magazine, a fine publication of the left, shows that its color is still Red socialism with the latest article accusing and slamming the U.S. for standing with the forces of freedom in Ukraine.

Their position is summed up "brilliantly:"

Yet after none of those polls did the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the main international observer body, or the US and other Western governments, make the furious noise they are producing today. The decision to protest appears to depend mainly on realpolitik and whether the challengers or the incumbent are considered more "pro-Western" or "pro-market." Or, as in Azerbaijan, Washington is happy with the antidemocratic policies maintained by the Aliyev dynasty because it is friendly to US oil companies.

In Ukraine, Yushchenko got the Western nod, and floods of money poured in to groups supporting him. This one-sided intervention is playing with fire. Not only is the country geographically and culturally divided--a recipe for partition or even civil war--it is also an important neighbor to Russia. Putin has been clumsy, but to accuse Russia of imperialism because it shows close interest in adjoining states and the Russian-speaking minorities who live there is a wild exaggeration.

There you have it. In a few strokes of the pen, the U.S. is the great Satan (caring only about economic interests and not freedom), and the former KGB officers in Russia are really just expressing a friendly interest in their neighbors and should be given the benefit of the doubt.

How pathetic. Who is surprised, however, that the Left is not a supporter of democracy or freedom....but a supporter of Putin? Come on!