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Monday, December 27, 2004

Talk of Iraqi Election Delay Irresponsible

If you still have any doubts that the buildup of violence in Iraq is a desperate plan to thwart the elections, then you need to read this.

The Arabic-language satellite television channel al-Jazeera said Monday it had received a new audiotape in which Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden appeared to call on Iraqis to boycott the upcoming elections. .... bin Laden declared any Iraqis who voted in the Jan. 30 elections would be regarded as infidels.

That's why I'm so disgusted by the calls from certainly high-profile Americans to postpone the election. Such action would play right into the hands of the insurgents terrorists and merely continue the violence over there. The same can be said for those chicken-littles who are using every tactic to undermine the validity of the elections before they are even held. No election is perfect - every US election held included - but to invalidate it before it even takes place is irresponsible and reprehensible.

A more cynical individual might even think that the talks of postponement and election validity are merely an not-so-covert attempt to influence a negative outcome in Iraq, leading to US 'defeat', withdrawal and a mightly political gain for those who opposed the war in the first place. To the extent that this talk perpetuates the cycle of violence, it shows either a clear lack of understanding of the situation or is an example of indirect treason. This writer hopes it's the former, but is not so sure.

Blogger Harsh Pencil said...

The level of outright undermining of our efforts in Iraq by the left has been appalling. Recall Kerry's spokesman saying "when Allawi talks, you can see Bush's hand moving under his shirt"? At the time, Allawi was our strategy for victory. Undermining him undermined our efforts in Iraq, period. In my more pessimistic moments, my greatest worry focuses on the fact that a big percentage of this nation has simply lost all sense and when looking at a picture of Bush and a picture of Bin Laden sees an enemy, and it ain't Bin Laden.
How a country can defend itself in such a situation is beyond me.

11:05 PM, December 27, 2004  

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