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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Cultural Analysis

I am skeptical of Chris' cultural analysis as I am with his economic analysis. Again, there is a difference between positive analysis (describing the way things are) and normative analysis (describing the way things should be).

Of course, positive analysis is always welcome. It is the normative analysis that concerns me. By conflating positive and normative analysis, the academic elites feed us their opinions disguised as a mixture of "facts" and what they view as more "facts" -- when they are actually opinions.

In my opinion, there are few established world paradigms to judge a culture by. I will suggest that there are at least three paradigms -- Chrisitianity, Judaism and Islam -- and are probably more. I agree with normative cultural analysis being conducted as long as it uses one of these three paradigms. Are there any other paradigms to judge a culture by that I have missed?