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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Overlawyerd II

I was listening for 2 minutes last night to Hugh Hewitt interview Andy McCarthy about the new Attorney General nominee, what's-his-name.

McCarthy was full of praise for what's-his-name because what's-his-name was the judge at the blind sheik trial and McCarthy was the prosecutor. McCarthy said that since it was a 9 month trial with 2 years of pre-trial motions and a month of sentencing hearings, he got to know what's-his-name very well and now knows he's a terrific nominee.

My response: Hold the phone? A 9 month trial with 2 years of pre-trial motions and a month of post trial hearings? Both McCarthy and what's-his-name are infected with legalitis, a horrible disease that causes you to lose all common sense. This is not a good disease for an Attorney General to have.
No one deserves a 9 month trial. Society does not have the right to commandeer any jurors for that long and no defendant is entitled to an unlimited amount of society's resources to adjudicate his guilt or innocence.

Any judge with common sense would say to the prosecution, "you have a week to make your case. Any case that can't be made in a week is bogus." Then to the defense, "you have a week to make your case." If some higher court says this violates anyone's rights, then that court is nuts too.