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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Surge

Evidence is starting to dribble in that the new tactics (also called the surge) in Iraq are working. These tactics have especailly been successful in drying up support for Al Qaeda among the sunni Tribes. In Sept, 2006, Thomas Ricks reported that Al Anbar Provice was "lost." Today, Al Anbar province is "quiet." This radical change in war, however, is not unusual. In ancient times, battles would rage as a stalemate for hours with few casualties. However, the moment a section of one line collapsed the massacre would ensue and victory or defeat would come quickly.

In retrospect, we should have considered that it may take a while for places like Al Anbar to turn on the terrorists. After all, these Sunnis had been under the propaganda yoke of Saddam and the arab media for 30 years. Constantly hearing that the Americans were bad. Thus, it required actual experience (seeing with their own eyes) for these locals to change their minds. Apparently, Al Qaeda killed enough of their fellow citizens and the Americans built them enough schools for this to occur.

The press is still all negative. Today's Star Tribune reported on the front page about a successful bomb attack after a soccer game. The media will never let go an opportunity to support the Terrorsits propaganda campaign. However, politically, Al Qaeda needs to succeed in these bomb attacks now. They have everything going for them at this moment. A world media on their side. A weak U.S. President. A waivering Congress. Motivated allies in both the Democratic and Republican party. This is the moment they must launch their final offensive.... or have they been crushed by the Surge?