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Monday, July 02, 2007

Those pesky south Asians

When I lived in the UK, I was friends with several locals whose parents had immigrated from India. They were quick to point out to me that they were Indian and not a Muslim from Pakistan. They were also far from disenfranchised. They were doing very well in the UK - again they wanted to distinguish themselves from the Pakistanis.

They would be surprised to hear that the biased American media now dumps them in with the Muslim Pakistanis. In 200&en=00ca4bf18628872a&ei=5087%0A">this article, the NY Times cannot get itself to refer to the terrorists as Muslims, so they refer to the terrorists as "South Asian," which is a PC way to avoid calling the terrorists what they are, which is Muslim. In fact the article does not mention the word muslim at all except for a reference to Salman Rushdie, even though it talks about one of the attackers screaming Allah as he ran from the burning car.