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Monday, February 26, 2007

1/2 hour news hour

17 years ago I spent a summer during college working at Walt Disney World. I was part of a summer intern program run by Disney designed to get college kids to work in the park by offering them a fun place to live and media related internships.

I was assigned a roommate from LSU, who was originally from Mobile. It was my first real association with someone from the deep south. He did not turn out to be much of a representative though - his name was Joe Mangum, now known as Jonathan Mangum, a comedy and commerical actor in hollywood who has done rather well for himself.

The reason I bring Mangum up is that he appeared in a skit on "The 1/2 Hour News Hour," a new comedy show on the Fox News Channel. The show is produced by the creator of 24 and is supposed to be a conservative alternative to "The Daily Show with John Stewart. " Many liberals defend the Daily Show saying that it does not have a liberal bent because it picks on liberals also. However, the major difference in the Daily Show's comedy is that it does not tend to make fun of liberal policies - only liberal politicians. In contrast, conservative policies are constantly ridiculed.

I had low expectations for the "1/2 hour news hour" and chose to watch because my friend Joe was on the show - he played a climatologist in a parady which made fun of the idea that everything is being caused by global warming.

The show turned out to be very funny and worth watching. They totally ridiculed liberal policy which is very refreshing and I still get a belly ache from thinking about the the T-shirt sketch, one which had a picture of the Iranian president, AhmadiNejad, with a caption below that read "Shiite happens!"

I highly recommend the show. It is on Sunday nights. Look for liberals to start trashing this show with a vengence. The more trashing you see from liberals and the MSM, the more reason to watch the show....

Blogger Air Marshall said...

Did you wear Mickey Mouse ears Saurus?

10:37 AM, February 26, 2007  

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