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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Predictions Update

I am reposting my predictions since no one else will post predictions:

I still predict that the Dems will gain 19 seats in the House. However, everyone is now predicting 19, so I am changing my prediction to 18 1/2.

In the Senate I am still predicting +3 for Dems (Steele wins, Burns wins, Talent wins, Corker wins, Chaffee Loses, Allen loses, Santorum loses, Dewine loses, Kean loses,).

I predict the Dems will take Delays seat, Republicans will keep Foley's seat. (Punching Foley for Negron sounds like too much fun to pass up).


I predict Pawlenty by 4, Klobachar by 4, Bachmann by 13.

Pat Awada Wins; Kiffmeyer wins; Jeff Johnson wins.

Blogger The Strongman said...

Here are my predictions - just because the ensuing chaos would be fun to watch, I predict the Dems pick up 15 seats, to take the majority by 1.

Following that, I predict multiple recounts, lawsuits, calls for congressmen under indictment to resign immediately, and scandals galore as any one seat out of 435 could change the balance of power.

I also predict that such a close race would prevent Nancy Pelosi from becoming Speaker, as there are plenty of moderate dems who would not support her, and no doubt more than one higher profile Dem waiting in the Shadows to be the "compromise candidate" - the infighting could be fun to watch. In order for it to be so close, several races have to break the right way, including the Foley seat in FL, which I think will go Republican.

In the Senate, I think the net loss for Republicans will be 1 seat. I'm optomistic that Talent, Burns, and Allen, will all hold their seats, and most polls show Corker winning big in Tennessee. Out of the remianing contested seats, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, I believe the Republicans will win two, my best guess being Rhode Island and Maryland.

So, in summary:
House: Dems +15
Senate: Dems +1

In Minnesota, I expect the following:

Pawlenty wins 51-46
Kennedy loses 45-54
Bachman wins 57-42
Kiffmeyer wins
Patty Awada wins
Jeff Johnson loses

MN House - no net change
MN Senate - no net change

3:15 PM, November 07, 2006  
Blogger Harsh Pencil said...


Your predictions sucked!


I told you the polls were right.

12:14 AM, November 08, 2006  

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