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Monday, October 09, 2006

Archbishop to Catholics in Public Life: You Are Called by God to Change the World, Not Advance Your Career.

The Catholic News Agency reports a stemwinder of a homily by the Archbishop of Denver, Charles Chaput, at the Red Mass in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on October 3. Declared Archbishop Chaput to the assembled faithful:

We need to drill it into our heads that defending the sanctity of the human person and serving the common good can’t be separated .... Stuffing our Catholic faith in a closet when we enter the public square or join a public debate isn’t good manners, and it isn’t political courtesy. It’s cowardice. And we’ll be judged for that cowardice by the God who created us.


[What the world] needs more than anything else is holiness – holy men and women who love Jesus Christ and God’s Word more than they love their own careers and agendas....”

The complete news story is accessible here.