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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Give Me Lard or Give Me Death!

The NY Times Reports:
"The New York City health department urged all city restaurants yesterday to stop serving food containing trans fats, chemically modified ingredients that health officials say significantly increase the risk of heart disease and should not be part of any healthy diet.

The request, the first of its kind by any large American city, is the latest salvo in the battle against trans fats, components of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, which three decades ago were promoted as a healthy alternative to saturated fats like butter... "
How kind and generous of cities like New York to be asking us now to cook with more ingredients like butter and lard. It's about time the two, arguably more flavorful ingredients made their way back into the bellies of society with the pendulum swing! Banning Crisco from our lives will "obviously" make us physically healthier as a society. One can only imagine how quickly McDonalds will bring back the Beef Fat for cooking their fries and promote it as the "healthy alternative".