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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fun Day

Muslim fun day was cancelled yesterday in Britain.

Not everyone was dissappointed:

...the fun day had caused some consternation: a non-Muslim couple scheduled to hold their wedding at the park's hotel complained to newspapers that event organizers told them the bride and female guests would have to cover up. The park promised the party would be exempt from the rules. A park spokeswoman said the wedding would take place as planned.

I wonder whether all the guests would have actually "covered up." I am sure some soccer fans would have been at the wedding. They are all used to behaving with the rules.

Blogger Scribbler de Stebbing said...

I would never have put "Muslim" and "fun" in the same sentence. But there they are, right next to each other. Huh. That's like hearing about a National Organization of Women Fun Day.

8:12 PM, August 03, 2006  

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