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Monday, June 12, 2006

Haditha Update

I blogged about Haditha in an earlier post below. The specific subject was some of the discrepencies pointed out by Sweetness and Light. However, the problem with these stories was still the fact that the incident at Haditha has been reported all along as a roadside bomb killing 15 civilians. This fact made the story very suspicious and gave weight that the incident could have been a massacre. However, this weekend the Washington Post reports that some of the Marines invloved in the incident claim they never reported the incident as a road side bomb killing civilians. Instead they report on a firefight with insurgents that left civilians dead. Apparently, the incident was miscommunicated by the military to the public:

Wuterich told his attorney that he never reported that the civilians in the houses were killed by the bomb blast and maintains that he never tried to obscure the fact that civilians had been killed in the raids. Whether Wuterich gave false information to his superiors is the focus of one of the military investigations. He said the platoon leader, who was on the scene, never expressed concern about the unit's actions and never tried to hide them.

Marine Corps public affairs officers reported that the civilians had been killed in the bomb blast, a report that Puckett believes was the result of a miscommunication.

This fact changes the perception of the story from a "massacre/cover" up to why are terrorists shooting out of houses occupied by civilians....(maybe its because they are terrorists).