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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Five Important Issues Republicans should address for 2006

There is a lot of griping about Republicans for the coming cycle. My top 5 important domestic issues are:

1. Immigration - Stop all new illegal immigration. I am less concerned about the so called "path to citizenship" however, I would never agree on a compromise for such a measure unless future illegal immigration is stopped and future legal immigration is restricted. Build the Wall! However if they can stop all new illegals and send the current illegals back home, that would be the best answer.

2. Cut Spending. Smaller government is always better. Spending should be reduced and government programs made to do more with less. I have a feeling that Homeland Security is the "education spending" of the 21st century. Special attention should be given to Homeland Security spending.

3. Keep Tax Cuts. Make the tax cuts permanent. Cut taxes in Minnesota

4. Reduce Regulation. Get rid of Sarbanes-Oxley and the rest of these ridiculous laws and regulations that are out there to protect stupid people. Stay alert - make sure no global warming regulations worms itself into the law.

5. School Choice/Vouchers - a better system than currently exists.