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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Good Bye Zarqawi

Rejoice, the wicked man is dead. I heard the news this morning on NPR at about 4 am. It was quite shocking because the NPR reporter had a hard time controlling his excitement. He kept saying over and over that Zarqawi is dead - almost like it was a sporting event (I am sure such excitement was short lived for the traitors over at NPR). I also found it interesting that when the Iraqi Prime Minister annouced the news at an Iraqi press conference, all the local Iraqi reporters stood up and cheered. If that is not a positive sign, I am not sure what is. It would be unimagineable to see our press corps cheering on President Bush (other than for his demise of course)

The critics say that Zarqawi's dirt-nap will have little effect on the war. That is unknown. Sometimes the effectiveness of a leader is not recognized until the leader is gone and his replacement is in charge. Zarqawi was a popular figure - the symbol of the insurgency outside Iraq which is especially important for new recruits and raising money. Who will do the recruiting now?

Blogger festivus said...

Yes, most excellent news. I have a sneaky sense that his 72 virgins are made of fire and brimstone, through and through. Have fun, you ___________.

8:55 AM, June 08, 2006  

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