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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

That liberal media

I was listening to NPR this morning and they did a bit on corruption. First they talked about Jack Abrahamoff, Duke Cunningham, Bob Ney (who has not been charged), and of course Tom Delay. When they got to Rep. Jefferson and the $90,000 in the freezer, all NPR could talk about was how Speaker Hastert and Chairman Sensenbrenner were mad at the Bush Administration for a separation of powers issue.

What a waste of a good political story.

In other parts of the media there are rumors of a massacre by some broken marines in Haditha, Iraq. We don't yet know if it is true, but I am sure the media is all upset over the lack of pictures from the massacre. Maybe they will fake a photo of an 80 year old in his wheelchair. Consequently, I bet that the massacre story, if true, will actually carry less interest and do less damage to than the overblown story over Abu Garib. The media will get all crazy over it - they will call for Rumsfeld and Bush and everyone else to resign. But, they have altready cried wolf on Abu Garib......