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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Brothels and the World Cup

Father Jonathon, a columnist with Foxnews.com, comments on prostitution, which was legalized in Germany in 2002, at the World Cup:

Unscrupulous entrepreneurs have built a sprawling web of prostitution facilities to “serve” the estimated two million men who will descend upon the 12 German host cities. In Berlin, for example, a 10,000 square feet mega-brothel has been built next to the main World Cup venue. It is designed to receive as many as 50 customers at a time, with wooden “performance boxes” lined up one after the other to take advantage of every square foot.

Most striking was:

But as the market adjusts to new demands (the price of sex is less than a ticket to a soccer match), more people see the obvious — prostitutes, legal or illegal, are first and foremost a financial commodity in the hands of greedy men, “providers” and “consumers” alike.
What is going on over there in Europe.... is it digressing?

Here is more:

The German capital's largest legal brothel, the four-story Artemis near the Olympic stadium, is ready for the hordes of mostly male soccer fans from around the world who are flooding the city for the start of the World Cup tournament Friday.
Mini soccer balls decorate the reception area, where each guest pays a 70 euro charge, or about $90, for access to the women, whirlpools, restaurants and bars. The 50 or so prostitutes have been outfitted with thong bikinis with a soccer ball motif. The movie theater will interrupt its usual pornographic features to show live games. "We want the clients to be sure they aren't missing anything," said Vanessa Rahn, the club's public relations manager. "And sex is allowed anywhere, of course, except in the restaurants."

I imagine this will become a large political issue in Germany in the near future. After all at some point prostitution was legal, and then it became illegal and now it is legal again and all for the purpose of providing job opportunities and a safe work environment for women?

Why is prostitution required as a job generator for women. What happen to housewives?

Perhaps Germany should try free markets for less controversial jobs such as farming or industry. Imagine if all the prostitutes went on strike.... its only a matter of time.