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Monday, May 15, 2006

Securing the Border and the President

President Bush is supposed to speak tonight about "immigration reform." Specifically he will discuss securing the border. Now various outlets are reporting (based on leaks) that Bush really isn't going to offer much of anything for securing the border. If it is true, it will be a dissappointment.

I understand Bush's conviction in his compassion for poor mexicans who want to come here to work. I also understand Bush's conviction for those currently here. But, we should be compassionate through the law. It makes no sense to leave the border open when we know thousands cross each day illegally. This sort of policy reaks of liberalism. It reminds me of the insane policy of not checking for ID when people vote.

From political standpoint, I think immigration can be a wedge issue in favor of republicans. It's one thing for the leftist/liberal democrat elites to support illegal immigration - they believe that such voters will be future democrats. However, why would a lower middle class voter support illegal immigration. It does nothing but hurt them. It lowers their wages and lowers their standard of living.

Vincente Fox apparently called Bush complaining that the border would be "militarized." Hmm, shouldn't all borders be militarized?

I don't care how the border is secured; whether it be a fence, a wall, troops, or electronic surveillance... the goal should be that no one gets across illegally. We can start with troops and drones. But, if that doesn't work we should move to a fence or wall. If that does not work, then we should shoot to kill.