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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lets Confuse Iran by Withdrawing

This is the recommendation of Simon Jenkins writing in the Guardian today:

There is, of course, one thing that Britain and America could do that would wholly disorientate Ahmadinejad and have him rushing troops to his borders. It would be a sudden end to the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Such a decision would remove at a stroke the running theme of Iranian militancy. It would saddle Tehran with two unstable neighbours whose insurgents and revanchists would cause it, its allies and its surrogates no end of trouble.

This line of thinking is leftism at its finest. It reminds me of a teacher I had in 10th grade who stated to the class of students that we should show the Soviets that we are serious about disarmament by disarming ourselves first. Even tenth graders had enough life experience to know this was stupid.

Could you imagine Jenkins writing in the 50s.. "lets put the Soviets off guard by removing our troops from Western Europe...." Insane!

Jenkins thinks that isurgents would cause Iran never ending trouble. However, it could also give Iran the pretext to invade Iraq and and occupy the Iraqi oil fields (just as Syria occupied Lebanon) making Iran a super power. Oh...I don't think the Iranian parliament will be ready to surrender at the loss of 40-50 soldiers a month from annoying sunni insurgents, nor do I think Iran will be so careful in their colalteral damage when responding to Sunni insurgents.

Wake up, you cannot allow the Left to run the government. They will get us all killed!