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Monday, April 24, 2006

More McCarthy

Despite all the gross behavior by Democrats in the last few years, the Mary McCarthy story is the worst yet. This story needs to be constantly repeated over and over by Republicans until she is prosecuted and the rest of her cabal is rooted out of the government. The fact that Democrat moles in the CIA are leaking classified information that they in their own mind believe should be leaked for the common good is despicable. No single earthly individual has the right to decide what is morally right or wrong, especially those who take an oath not to. These Democrats in the CIA and elsewhere in the government hate Bush so much that they believe in their own mind it is worth throwing over all the cannons rather than risk Bush winning a victory. It is pure insanity and should be a reminder to anyone who is currently upset with the Republican party over some pet issue as to why they still need to get out and vote Republican.

Powerline is doing a great job in covering the case.