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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Consistency and funeral protests

JAS member Craig Westover blogs about his support of State Senator Becky Lourey's lone and courageous 'no' vote against a bill to ban picketing and protests at funerals, prompted by the recent protests at the military funeral of Minnesota soldiers killed in Iraq.

I agree with Cap'n Fishsticks. This actions by those protesters is so vile and despicable that voting for a bill restricting such behaviors is almost a no-brainer, but the 58 state senators who voted for it were thinking politically, not constitutionally, turning those 'no-brainer' YEA votes into a vote by those with no brain.

However, this post is not about the vote, and not about my agreement with Westover. It's instead about my wonder, given her interest in protecting free speech, regarding Sen. Lourey's position on other types of protests. The one that first came to mind was that of restricting pro-life protests at abortion clinics. If faced with a vote on a similarly-worded bill to limit protests at abortion clinics, would Sen. Lourey have the same courage of her convictions and vote NAY?