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Monday, February 28, 2005

Healthy Brits

When I studied in London some years back I picked up a strep rash on my arm and was forced to go wait in line at the public health clinc. After waiting in line for an hour or so, another student at the University (British student) asked why I wasn't going to the private clinic like all the other American students. In the end I waited and got my antibiotics and recovered. Later I learned through word of mouth not to go back to the British clinic, despite the fact that it was free.

Reading this today reminded me of why free (i.e. Government provided!) isn't always good:

If you're a man diagnosed with prostate cancer, you have a 57 percent chance of it killing you in Britain. In the United States, the chance of dying drops to 19 percent. Again, reports Bartholomew, "Britain is at the bottom of the class and America is at the top."

It must be Bush's fault.