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Sunday, February 27, 2005

What Magazines Do JAS Types Read?

I thought it would be interesting to ask which magazines JAS readers read? My top four magazines are as follows:

1) National Geographic -- I enjoy the photographs. I also enjoy that most of the stories are written objectively.

2) Reader's Digest -- good, light reading. Recently, there was a good article on coping with stress. It opened with a few paragraphs about the benefits of bird watching. I also like the heroes in action stories.

3) First Things -- mind-bending reading. Being a lawyer, it's good to be forced to think sometime. First Things contains excellent articles about culture, politics and religion.

4) Boy's Life -- My boys get two copies a week so hard to avoid. I always look to the back for the jokes first.

How about you?

Blogger festivus said...

1) National Review. I've been subscribing since early college

2) I'll add another tic to Reader's Digest. Light entertaining reading. Some of it's kinda hokey, and there's not a lot left if you cut out all the ads for drugs (along with the full page of disclaimers), but I like the jokes.

3) Various computer mags and journals. Gotta keep up.

4) The American Experiment Quarterly journal. Good writing from a Conservative Minnesota Think Tank. About to become an all-electronic publication.

5) Occasional airport purchases of: Discover, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, Commentary

6) ...and I think I'm going to add this to my list soon...

2:39 PM, February 28, 2005  
Blogger Harsh Pencil said...

1) National Review

2) First Things (which some months goes unread)

3) Bon Appetit (which mostly goes unopened, which is a mistake, since the recipes I've tried have been excellent.)

4) Cook's Illustrated (which I used to read cover to cover, but now don't seem to have the time to anymore. And I have enough back issues that I already have too large a backlog of recipes I'd like to try, so I'm letting it drop.)

2:50 PM, February 28, 2005  
Blogger festivus said...

Chris, turn back, if there's still time! Cook's Illustrated is great. You'll find the time to read it. It's on my list as well, as are Food & Wine.

3:02 PM, February 28, 2005  

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