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Monday, January 03, 2005

Constructive Bi-Partisanship Only Temporary

Bi-partisanship may be back in vogue with President George W. Bush joining President Bill Clinton and former President George H.W. Bush in a tsunami fund-raising effort. But, even it is, it won't last very long. We can not rely on the persistent counterproductive non-partisanship to wither away. It will be back and with a vengeance.

Washington is overrun with intellectual conformity of two flavors: conservative and liberal. Often, this bipolar and I mean bipolar approach leads to unhealthy stagnation with respect to treating the nation's issues.

For example, although I am skeptical about global warming, I am not convinced the government has done the proper planning for it. I would liken my position to that of the Indian Ocean rim nations prior to last month's tsunami. The people of these nations did not expect a tsunami because a major one had not occurred in one hundred years -- but that doesn't mean the government should not have planned for it. So, with global warming, I have my opinions but I expect my government to confirm my opinions or plan as if I were wrong. I can accept either result, but not neither.