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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Media Rampage

If and when a media mogul goes postal and dispatches a few people he had a tiff with in a news room, I wonder if the television and newspaper reporting will headline the event "Media Rampage".

It was not, of course, a "hunting rampage". It was just a rampage.

And contrary to the suggestion that the assault weapon (read: semi-auto) was both the sufficient and necessary condition, what the nut did could have been accomplished with a bolt action rifle. In fact, the same outcome might have been accomplished with a single shot rifle.

Only in a secular culture can things, mere objects and their features, become either intrinsically good or evil. And this is the deeper issue and divide.

In Genesis, when creation is declared good, it is good because God created it for a purpose. Genesis does NOT declare that nothing in creation can be used for bad purposes, including the drugs that occur naturally. It is a good thing that this world exists, and that it will be used to work out the glory and purposes of the creator. But it is our approach to "things", from the religious point of view, which is either redemptive or evil.

Without the religious world view, our culture will always believe that evil is a technological issue. Evil is something to be managed by managing things -- not hearts and minds. Obviously we have not stopped drug use by trying to control the existence and availability of the substance. And we will not keep people from killing each other with various devices until we understand the location of human evil -- the human heart.

Gun control is a perfect illustration of the naivete of liberal rationalism. When we are children, we think like children. When we become adults, we leave behind the charming notion that we can defeat evil with a managerial revolution.

Blogger ssc said...

Perhaps, the slogan "gun control" is an oxymoron like "birth control." Birth control is about no births -- but also about no control over the sexual impulase. Similarly, gun conrol means guns for the criminals -- but also no control over the criminal impuse. Obviously, liberals want to be free to act on both illicit impulses without fear of consequences. This is what they call Utopia.

2:34 PM, November 25, 2004  

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