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Monday, November 22, 2004

MN House Republicans: Upcoming session will test their mettle

With the Minnesota Republicans losing 13 seats in the state house, they now control that chamber by a razor-thin margin of 68-66. Conservatives have to wonder what this will mean to state government in the coming term. Some, including myself, fear that the losses in the 2004 election will give the House Republican Caucus ample reasons to abandon conservative principles in seeking the safe harbor of the squishy middle.

SSC calls attention to the recent discussion of a statewide smoking ban, a measure that conservatives, especially non-smoking conservatives, must oppose if they are intellectually honest. In addition, there is already talk of a gas tax increase by House Minority Leader Entenza.

Soon enough, the House Caucus, House Leadership and Gov. Tim Pawlenty will have an opportunity to take a stand on these and other issues. Principled conservatives will be watching.