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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Europe in Peril

Tony Blankley's column today discusses that some Europeans are beginning to wake up to the threat of Islamic Fundamentalism to their culture. Blankley cites the rhetoric going on beneath their noses:

Earlier this week NPR's "All Things Considered" reported on the findings of German television's ZDF-TV after they had secretly placed a camera inside a German Islamic Mosque. The Imam is heard saying (in translation): "Those Germans, those atheists, they don't shave their armpits. Their sweat spreads evil smells. They stink. They are atheists. What good do they do to us? And since they are unbelievers, in the afterlife, they can only burn in hell." Obviously, this did not go down well when the German public saw and heard such things.

Later in the NPR report they quoted from other communications by German Islamists now being revealed to the German public. A teacher at the Riksdorfer Elementary School — a German government school that under German court ruling three years ago must teach its mostly Muslim students Muslim curriculum — read an anonymous letter he received: "Germany is an Islamic country. Islam is in the home, in schools. Germans will be outnumbered. We [Muslims] will say what we want. We'll live how we want. It's outrageous that Germans demand we speak their language. Our children will have our language, our laws, our culture."

Are Germans waking up to the threat of the clash of civilizations? Not likely. How many more facts will it take before they ditch their leftism in favor of reality. Perhaps it will take another election or two...perhaps never.