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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ohio Recount Continued

As we all know, Ohio is still counting provisional ballots and absentee ballots. Further, a recount has now been ordered in Ohio, which includes "participation" from the Kerry campaign. There are apparently 155,000 provisional ballots are still to be counted, which is greater than the 136,000 vote margin that President Bush holds in Ohio. This statistical fact has some raving liberal lunatics going mad and holding out hope.... feeling that most, if not all, the provisional ballots will be counted for Kerry. (Even the Democrats believe that the Democratic voters are the type of voters who would be going the provisional ballot route. ) Unfortuantely for the Democrats, there are plenty of "irresponsible" Republican voters as well, and the Provisional ballot count is not going well forDemocrats. As of today, more than 70,000 of the provisional ballots have been counted with approximately 80% of the provisional ballots becoming valid votes. Of the 60,000 votes that do count, Bush is leading 27,198 to 22,393. Of course, Cleveland still has to turn in its results. If Kerry can get a 140,000 votes out of the remaining 70,000 that need counting, he could still pull out a victory. But, alas, there is always the recount. Maybe Kerry will find some votes in a back alley Cleveland poll center.