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Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Anti-war Left Has a New Plan

I saw this article by Tom Haydon via Instapundit. It is a real jingle and well worth reading if you want an insight into the dreams and desires of the anti-war left. My favorite section by far is:

The U.S. still plans to permanently remake a new Iraq, plans that include
American military bases, a privatized market economy, ready access to oil, a
prime target for Western and, especially Christian, proselytizing in the region.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. is already flooding Iraq with
satellite dishes and televisions while privatizing its 200 state-owned
companies: "Bremer discussed the need to privatize government with such fervor
that his voice cut through the din of the cargo hold."

Hold everything! The left is all upset over a market economy, televisions, and Christian Proselytizing in Iraq, these concerns should help them greatly in their goal of convincing anti-war conservatives to join their side:

[W]e need to build alliances with Republican anti-war conservatives.
Non-partisan anti-war groups (such as Win Without War) should reach out to
conservatives who, according to the New York Times, are "ready to rumble"
against Iraq. Pillars of the American right, including Paul Weyrich, Pat
Buchanan and William F. Buckley, are seriously questioning the quagmire created
by the neoconservatives. Strategists like Grover Norquist call the war "a drag
on votes" and "threatening to the Bush coalition" that cost Bush six percentage
points in the election. The left cannot create a left majority, but it can
foster a left-right majority that threatens the hawks in both parties.

Who knows, perhaps Haydon will be able to convince conservatives such as Buckley to abandon his silly belief in God and freedom....all for the purpose of losing the war in Iraq of course......it is a bizarro world.