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Friday, January 12, 2007

Seseme Street It Is...

Reminiscing about the "good ole' days"...

In the Filibuster Household, from the start of the legislative session, Seseme Street and other daytime kids programming (that is benign as opposed to certain shows we just can't stomach) has been preempted by the legislature. At the early age of several months old, little Prose smiled to Sen. LeClair and just as quick as she had once smiled, she screamed her lungs out whenever "Tommy The Commy" spoke. It must have been in-utero learning because from the very first time she saw him, and every time since, this has been her response.

From the start of the legislative session this year, little Prose has frequently had a tear to her eye. Some would call it being 2, but this year, because of the nature of the legislature we determined it was unfit for our little Prose to watch. In passing when we turn it on to find out how much they're spending from our paychecks and hiking taxes this session, at least we can be assured that we have no "Little Albert" in our household, but "Tommy The Commy" still brings on the puckering cry face. I guess the "good ole' days" aren't completely gone..