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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry's Flub

Kerry's freudian slip may energize previously discontented conservatives.

I often end up listening to radio shows such as Michael Savage or Jerry Doyle (I ahve time then0, both of whom have been blasting Bush and Republicans in general for the past year. Although I find Savage's show entertaining, I tend to disagree with his approach to conservatism and his opposition to the Republicans on everything. However, tonight Savage said the Kerry comment pissed him off so much that he was now ready to go vote for all Republicans. This was a shocker especially considering Savage's constant diatribes against Congressional Republicans. Maybe it's telling for the election to come, maybe it is not.

Kerry's comments should be a reminder of what the modern Democratic party is all about. It is about disdain for traditional America. The American soldier is part of this tradition and thus is disparaged by Kerry and his ilk. Sure you can come out against the Iraq policy - there have been opponents to every war. But, the goal of the Iraq policy is to conserve traditional America by going on the offensive. An America on the defensive with baggage checkers on every bus ride and cops on every corner to maintain security would not be traditional.

Why would you elect a party who has a different goal - a new America. I don't want a new America. I like the existing one.