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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Intifada

In the Washington Post today:

Paris - October 22

On Sunday a gang of [muslim] youths emptied a bus of its passengers, set it on fire, and then stoned the firefighters who responded.

The Post, however, argues that Europeans should jsut continue with the same attitude that got the immigrants to their country int he first place.

Muslims in Europe should be invited to embrace the countries where they live on their own terms. They should be expected to respect laws and freedoms. But politicians would do better to work on dismantling the barriers Muslims face in getting educations and jobs rather than those that distinguish Islam from the secular majority.

How ridiculous. The "terms" or what many of these immigrants want is their own country inside France. And what if the barrier muslims face in getting educations and jobs is Islam itseelf.... the Post should think again.