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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Giuliani or Not

Now that Giuliani has officially formed his "exploratory committee." It's time to consider whether he has a chance. Many people I have talked to say that he does not have the social conservative background for him to be able to win the nomination. I don't know much about Giuliani's conservatism except that he believes in law and order and lacks political correctness.
Lets, for the moment, assume that Giuliani is conservative in all other respects but social issues.

Can Giuliani win the nomination. Maybe, but he will have to make a pact with social conservatives. In the 2000 campaign, Bush essentially promised "pro-choice" republicans that he would not press the issue of banning abortion from the federal level, but will appoint judges in the image of Scalia and Thomas. He has more or less kept this promise.

Perhaps Giuliani can make a similar promise to social conservatives, Guiliani could promise that he will not press to add federal laws/rules to protect abortion (leave that to the states), and will appoint judges in the same league as Roberts and Alito.

In reality, the fight over abortion and other social issues such as gay marriage will be from the judiciary and the state level and not the federal level from the President. Thus, I think Giuliani will be acceptable if he makes promises to appoint conservative judges. (I won't be surprised if the democratic candidate promises to appoint judges like Sandra Day O Conner).