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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Furious at Rumsfeld

Some in the GOP are furious at Bush's timing for firing Rumsfeld.

Donald Rumsfeld's abrupt resignation from the Pentagon the day after Republicans lost both chambers of Congress has infuriated some GOP officials on and off Capitol Hill. Members and staff still reeling from Tuesday's rout are furious about the administration's decision to dump the controversial defense secretary one day after their historic loss, they said in a series of interviews about the election results.

I am crying too. Maybe if the GOP would have cut spending in their last 6 years, they would have had something to talk about during the election.

Here is my favorite whiner from the Corner:

I wanted him replaced two years ago, and said so. (I wanted Condi replaced too, for that matter). I thought he was a bad manager, and a poor judge of people (some of his top aides don't belong there).

And while I thought he should be replaced, I found the manner and the moment of his purge utterly disgusting. What was the rush? It was one of the worst moments of W's presidency. It was a double surrender by the president, throwing a severed head to the Democrats and to the terrorists. You can be quite sure that the terror masters saw the election as a great victory, and Rumsfeld's ritual sacrifice as a moment of glory. It will encourage them to redouble their efforts, both in Iraq/Afghanistan, and elsewhere. They believe they have Bush's number, that they have broken him, and all they must do now is keep the blood flowing to accelerate our retreat. My heart breaks for the Iraqis.

I think this is a stretch. Yeah the terrorists might find it a victory, however, they also might get really frustrated when nothing changes for them. They probably think Bush is done, only to still see him in charge... "

Wait, you mean you can lose an election in the U.S. and still be in charge? THEY LIE! Ahmed says....

Imagine the looks on the terrorist's faces when they find out they have been hoodwinked by American politicans.

The democrats said they were going to pull out.... but they are still here, states Rashid. That Keith Oberman was not telling the truth!

I recall reading about Hitler's elation when Roosevelt died. It lasted about 15 minutes. Hitler shot himself a few weeks later.

The whole changing course and firing or Rumsfeld is a charade by the Democrats and Bush to continue the status quo. The Dems want to satisfy their supporters that they are "changing course" except the course is not going to be changed and we will end up sticking to the current plan which is to stick it out until the Iraqis can take over. Sure, they may change tactics, as they are alwasy changing tactics, but the strategic goal will remain the same. Eventually the Iraqis will take over - it could be next year, it could be in 5 years. Pelosi wants to stay in power and this is her plan to do so - she wants to share in the victory.

The charade will work because the Dems and the media won't critise it (they will be in on it). I support the charade because I support sticking it out until we win. However, its still something to be laughed at.

Anonymous Air Marshall said...

I read it that Bush is now in the "Curry favor with the Media" phase of his Presidency and Dumping Rumsfeld is just the first step. He owes his own party nothing and has no office left to run for so he is free to try and be popular, which I think in the end means a lot to him. I look for him to "work well" with the "other side of the isle" on most things from SS to the war to gun control.

10:36 AM, November 10, 2006  

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