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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Close Guantanamo, however Keep the Prisoners.

The Europeans have been criticising Bush for the last few years now about the evil Guantanamo Bay. Apparently, however, we have actually offered these complaining countries to return their citizens. What do you think they said?

British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett last week issued the latest European demand to close down the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The existence of the prison is "unacceptable" and fuels Islamic radicalism around the world, she said, echoing a recent chorus of complaints from Europe about U.S. counterterrorism policy....According to documents made public this month in London, officials there recently rejected a U.S. offer to transfer 10 former British residents from Guantanamo to the United Kingdom, arguing that it would be too expensive to keep them under surveillance....In addition, virtually every country in Europe refused to grant asylum to several Guantanamo prisoners from China who were not being sent home because of fears they could face political harassment there. The Balkan nation of Albania agreed to take in five of the Chinese in May, but only after more than 100 other nations rebuffed U.S. pleas to accept them on humanitarian grounds, State Department officials said.

How typical.

Blogger Scribbler de Stebbing said...

Reminds me of when Minneapolis was going after "evil buildings," the buildings that were committing crimes all on their own. Weren't some of these ordered destroyed? Ditto with Abu Ghraib -- the building must be to blame for the notorious misdeeds. (Congress voted to destroy the prison. Did it ever happen or did I miss it?) It's the same crowd that proclaims, "People don't kill people; guns kill people."

4:02 PM, October 18, 2006  

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