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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Barry's statue

Anyone who knows College football knows who Barry Alverez is - the most successful coach in Wisconsin Badger history. Fifteen years ago when Barry took over the program, Camp Randall Stadium was full of empty seats and nobody cared much for the badgers other than the students. Fifteen years later, the stadium has been remodeled, is always packed, and it is a lot lot harder to get into the UW than it was in 1990 (which partially has to do with Barry). Barry retired last year and a new statue was unveiled in his honor. Okay, so I am fibbing a little with the Willam Wallace pic, but you get the idea ( I could not locate a pic of Barry's statue). Barry's statue sits right outside the stadium as you come in. I am not sure about you, but it is a little creepy to have a statue of yourself being prominatly displayed while you are still alive. Having your own statue while alive is...frankly... un-american (at least Rocky is a fictional character). Perhaps Barry assumes the public is fickle. If he waits too long the public will forget about him and his statue - so why not build it now.

Blogger Harsh Pencil said...

I agree. I've seen another of this. At the William Simon school of Business at the University of Rochester, there was a very lifelike statue of William Simon, who at the time was very much alive. Weird.

9:52 PM, October 22, 2006  
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