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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No mention of hezbollah

Lebanon's Prime Minister wrote an op-ed piece today in the Washington Post. Basically, the PM argues that Israel needs to leave now and everything is Israel's fault.

No where in the Op-ed is there a single mention of Hezbollah's existence in southern Lebanon. I am not kidding. Who comes up with this stuff or expects to believe it. The Lebanon PM reminds me of when King Hussein of Jorden took Saddam's side in Gulf War I. How ridiculous.

For something very scary, read this piece in the Journal yesterday about Iran's apocalyptic vision. This paragraph was very enlightening:

The phrase "Allah will know his own" is usually used to explain such apparently callous unconcern; it means that while infidel, i.e., non-Muslim, victims will go to a well-deserved punishment in hell, Muslims will be sent straight to heaven. According to this view, the bombers are in fact doing their Muslim victims a favor by giving them a quick pass to heaven and its delights--the rewards without the struggles of martyrdom.