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Monday, April 24, 2006

Suspicious Lineup

The Duke LaCrosse player's case has some interesting factoids, especially how the alleged victim was able to identify the now named defendants:
Part of the photo line-up process, experts say, includes fillers -- pictures of people unrelated to the case who look like the suspect. "They, the police, only showed the woman just pictures of the lacrosse players," said defense attorney Joe Cheshire. "It's so constitutionally suspect it's extraordinary."

Durham police would not comment on the line-up because it is part of the ongoing investigation, but legal experts with the North Carolina Commission on Actual Innocence say if line-ups are biased, a judge will likely throw them out in court. "The Supreme Court has said if a lineup is unduly suggestive it must be excluded from evidence," said Chris Mumma, executive director of the commission, which sets state standards for line-ups.

"If someone said, 'The person who attacked me was on a football team,' and they only showed me pictures of people on the football team, I'm likely to pick someone on the football team," he said.

No kidding!