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Monday, March 27, 2006

Did Alexander Cause Climate Change?

Currently I am reading Alexander, by Theodore Ayrault Dodge. I definately recommend it to anyone who is interested in the finer details of Alexander the Great and his campaigns. Dodge is best known for his book on Hannibal, which remains the authority on the brialliant Carthaginian.

Dodge pays a lot of attention to detail in his writings, especially to topography, weather, etc... In Alexander, Dodge constantly refers to how the climate has changed from 330 BC to late 19th century (the book was published in 1890) including references to locations now partially submerged or landscapes that have changed. Here is a typical example in Dodge's discussion of the Battle of Hydaaspes in 326:

The rainy season had just set in. Today it is said to begin in July. Unless the ancient chronology is at fault, it began earlier two thousand years ago.
Now, Alexander viewed himself to be the son of a God. Could it be that Alexander himself caused climate change? Perhaps his ego partially clouded out the sun. Or maybe major climate change occurs natuarally.

Blogger Air Marshall said...

His was a journey not only of conquest but of exploitive scientific imperialism. They built new cities, transplanted differing species of plants, drained swamps, destroyed other cities, poluted areas they passed through, and burned trees they cut down for their campfires wherever they went. This wanton destruction and disregarde of the natural order resulted in wide spread damage to delicate eco-systems, harmed the fragile biosphere of the planet, and upset the natural cultural evolution of peaceful non-European societies with their unprovoked attacks. The net result was disasterous climatic change, destruction of habitat for indigenous animals, polution of air and water resources of wide areas of non-European lands, and the spread of European diseases throughout populations lacking immunity to the foreign germs.

5:54 PM, March 27, 2006  
Blogger Sloanasaurus said...

I wonder what the leftists were like in Alexander's time. Certainly the many examples of fellow citizens opening the gates in the middle of the night to let the enemy in (in the name of peace) is probably close.

8:53 PM, March 27, 2006  

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