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Monday, June 13, 2005

Comments on GOP State Central Results

It's my prediction that history (perhaps even as soon as 2-4 years away) will look very kindly upon Chairman Eibensteiner. I, like SSC, would like to congratulate Chairman Eibensteiner for his service and successes. It's a tough job, but one where he excelled. To paraphrase something often heard at JAS debates, "I'd like to move that the gentleman be thanked for his service".

I'm thrilled that Tony Sutton will be in an active leadership role. Hoplin is clearly full of energy and likely has what it takes to be an excellent grassroots development person. What will be interesting to watch is how well he and Chairman-elect Carey work together. Maybe even more interesting will be how Carey works with our top elected officials.

As for Carey: As the saying goes,
"The proof of the pudding is in the eating." We may get a sense of Carey's abilities and successes as Chairman earlier than 2006, but the results of that race will be owned by him. With authority comes responsibility, and Carey now has a boatload of both.

I would not be surprised if there were some additional staffing changes at the State Party, perhaps even among the very recent Eibensteiner hires as Carey looks to install his own people. Carey would be crazy, in this pundit's opinion, to replace recently hired ED Bill Walsh, but I suspect that Carey may take a second look at the political director, finance director and perhaps even IT director positions.